About GSAT

     In 1990, Gabriel S. Abboud founded Gabriel S. Abboud Trading Establishment (GSAT) and launched a new era in the sanitary and plumbing industry in Lebanon. GSAT has been providing excellence in the industry for over twenty years and continuously work on improving. Being a family business, GSAT is small enough to maintain high quality services and big enough to cater all the needs of its market with complete perfection.

By believing that clients are their main partners, GSAT managed to exceed expectations and provide premium customer service and value. GSAT is the sole agent of leading European sanitary brands such as; Emmeti, Toma, F.I.V. and dealer of Solin, Pintossi, I.T.I., and B. Meter.

GSAT recently diversified its activities and introduced the under floor heating and cooling system and the solar system to its line of business. Benefiting from its long term good relation with Emmeti, the GSAT team was trained by the Emmeti experts to provide the same service quality as the one provided by Emmeti itself. GSAT is proud of these two new business lines and works on constantly improving them as they help save energy and are environment friendly.

Moreover, GSAT introduced Solin to the Lebanese market. Solidrain is a revolutionary drainage system, consisting of flexible spiral PVC pipes outside and smooth inside as well as PVC fittings. This system is a new technology for households to facilitate installation and minimize maintenance risks when it comes to sanitary plumbing.

With a constant persistence to improve, GSAT works on offering first class services with genuine products focusing on high end quality proven by the many international certificates they acquired over the years.

Last but not least, GSAT main goal is to minimize the environment risks and start the change towards a greener land.